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Get the unbiased hotel review you need to find a Spokane, Washington hotel that’s right for you. At the newly built Wingate by Wyndham Spokane Airport, we’re not only pleased, we’re downright proud to share with you the ratings and reviews our past guests have given us. We’re dedicated to making every visit special, and we look forward to welcoming you here. Keep reading to check out hotel reviews for our Spokane, Washington hotel.
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“We stayed at the hotel at a very busy time. But the front desk staff was very efficient and pleasant under pressure. They did a great job.”

- Donna P.

“The gentleman on the front desk when I arrived was terrific. Friendly and helpful through two or three encounters.”

- Elizabeth S.

“I came in late at night and the front desk staff was very nice and helpful. I liked your hotel very much and would definitely stay here again. Location is great”

- Barbara Doutt

“Where did you get those mattresses! It was like sleeping on a cloud! Very nice facility!”

- Hazel Gardner

“Megan and the entire front desk staff do a great job and are an asset to this location”

- Matt Keefer

Spokane Airport Hotels
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Wingate by Wyndham Spokane Airport
Located at
2726 S. Flint Road, Spokane, Washington 99224
Phone: 509-838-3226 Fax: 509-252-3880
Email: spokanewingate@gmail.com
Sales Department E-Mail: wingatespokanesales@live.com
Book direct!  Our agents are standing by to offer you the lowest rates & helpful local information: 509-838-3226
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